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The Maryland Coalition for Life -

Leaders’ Luncheon

What a fantastic event on Wednesday, May 30th, at noon at Annapolis EP Church. There were 58 participants, and 19 churches were represented.

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Here’s a snapshot of what was discussed, and handed out to all participants:

Church Leaders – “S-tablish a Culture of Life”

  1. SPEAK:  from the pulpit – Speak the Truth in Love about Abortion
  2. SUPPORT: Pro-Life Ministry from your church – Respect Life or Other
  3. SITE: Lead by example, come and pray at site – regular leadership presence

Pro-Life  Leaders – “G-row the Culture of Life”

  1. GROW: Form and grow  Pro-Life participation from within Your church
  2. GATHER: Meet regularly, hold events, promote often, stay “current”
  3. GO: Go to Vigil Site to Pray, Support Pregnancy Center, 40 Days for Life

Abortion WILL end in Anne Arundel County…
When the Body of Christ SAYS it will end!

Abortion Free Anne Arundel Leaders' Luncheon


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