March 23, 2012 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Hopkins Plaza in front of the Fallon Federal Building
MD 21201
Jack Ames

By now most Americans have heard about President Obama’s latest offensive against people of faith, the Health and Human Services Mandate requiring employers to provide free contraceptive services to their employees. While the administration has tried to frame this argument as concerning women’s health, what it is really about is forcing faith groups that opposed contraceptives and abortafacients to violate their own teachings or face stiff government sanctions in the form of fines and other severe punishments.

Since any type of free birth control is already available through government funded Planned Parenthood clinics, anyone unable to afford the $10 per month for the Pill* can easily obtain their contraceptives at no expense.

A quick reading the the administration’s supposed compromise reveals that the only difference between the current and original mandate if that Christian organizations will now be required to pay insurance companies who will in turn be required to pay for the contraception. (Consider the example of a 17 year old giving money to a 18 year old to buy cigarettes for him.)

Even if you have no concerns about contraception, you should be concerned about which of your religious freedom’s could be attacked next if this mandate is allowed to stand. The most obvious example is that if an organization is forced to pay for birth control, how long before it is forced to pay for abortions when the chemicals and procedures it provides fail.

So what must we do? We must simply STAND TOGETHER AND RESIST THIS EVIL TYRANNY much like Patrick Henry and our other Founding Fathers did 234 years ago to resist the tyranny of King George III. As Ben Franklin said, “We must all hang together or assuredly we will all hang separately!”

In order to accomplish just that (standing together and resisting this evil tyranny), PRO-LIFE groups across America are banding together to hold rallies to resist this tyranny. At least 93 STAND UP FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM rallies will be held simultaneously at Noon on Friday, March 23.

In the Baltimore area, our rally will be at Hopkins Plaza in front of the Fallon Federal Building. Our keynote speaker will be Ambassador Alan Keyes! Other invited dignitaries include Congressman Andy Harris, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, Former Lt. Governor Sam Bogley, Former State Senator Frank Shore, Ambassador Margaret Heckler, Pastor Harry Jackson, Day Gardner, Pastor Luke Robinson, Michael Peroutka, Esq., Matt Paavola, Esq., and many others.

I need you to do 3 things to make this rally the success that God wants it to be if we are to effectively resist Obama’s tyranny.

1.) Most assuredly ATTEND even if you must take the day off from work. If you do not live or work in the downtown area, please consider traveling by LIGHT RAIL, METRO or MTA bus, or CARPOOLING to avoid or minimize the cost of parking. There is underground parking immediately below HOPKINS PLAZA. Enter from Lombard Street.

2.) Try to organize a group from your parish or school. This could be numerous car loads or a rented or borrowed school bus.

3.) SPREAD THE WORD! Do this by sending Emails, making copies that you can hand out before and after weekday Masses, and MAKING ENDLESS PHONE CALLS to friends and family.

I beg you to do this! Nothing less than the continuation of our rights as CATHOLICS and as AMERICANS is at stake! THE HOUR IS LATE! PLEASE ANSWER THIS CALL!


*cost of generic contraceptives at the local Walmart.