Partnership with Bethany Christian Services

We have wonderful news! Germantown Pregnancy Choices (GPC) is now partnering with Bethany Christian Services, a global nonprofit organization, to save more lives in Germantown.

Bethany Christian Services’ pregnancy counselor will work with GPC volunteers to speak with abortion vulnerable clients about adoption. She will also use the office to meet with these clients in person to speak about giving another family the gift of life. The organization maintains an active list of prospective adoptive families who are excited to one-day welcome a new child into their home.

Here at GPC, we hope this partnership will directly translate into larger numbers of saved children here on the front lines of abortion in Germantown. Women in crisis pregnancies will now have a greater chance of realizing the life-giving options available to them.

Please check out Bethany Christian Services’ web site for more information on their organization

Thank you for remaining steadfast, and continuing to be a part of this critical effort to save lives in Germantown. Please continue to lift up GPC volunteers and the families we serve in your prayers.

Sued by Maryland DHMH

Please pray!  Over a year ago I requested information through the Public Information Act regarding the recently passed Maryland Surgical Abortion Facility licensing requirements.  Part of the information I requested was withheld.  In order for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to continue withholding the information requested through the Public Information Act, they had to get the court to uphold their redaction.  As a result, I was “sued” by the Maryland DHMH.  For more information about “DHMH vs Andrew Glenn” see the article written by the ACLJ lawyer who is representing me in this court case

The Maryland judge sided with the DHMH and upheld the redaction of information.  I lost!  The ACLJ has appealed the case and now “Andrew Glenn vs. DHMH” is set to be heard by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals on March 3 in Annapolis Maryland.  Please pray for God’s will to be done.  Pray for the ACLJ lawyers representing me.  And pray for the information the state is withholding to be revealed to the public to keep the abortion industry and state accountable for their actions.  For more information on the appeal see the following article written by the ACLJ