The pro-life community is quickly rallying together to ensure a powerful, prayerful presence in Bethesda as Carhart begins performing late-term abortions there.  We will be gathering on the first day abortions are scheduled.  Join us on Tuesday, October 17 at 12pm.  It is important for us to have a large presence to let the community and business owners know that we are committed to ending abortion in Maryland.  We need you, your family, and friends to be there!

We will gather on the sidewalk along Old Georgetown Rd. in front of the Wildwood Medical Center at 10401 Old Georgetown Rd. Bethesda, MD  20814.  Between now and Tuesday, please help spread the word about the rally.

We also need to let the management company of Wildwood Medical Center, Aubinoe Management Company, know that we are against the abortions that will be taking place in their building.  Please respectfully call them at (301)986-9070 and let them know we are concerned about these abortions.

And as always, continue to pray!  Because all things are possible through Him, who gives us strength.