This is the news we have been hoping and praying for over the past six years… Leroy Carhart is LEAVING MARYLAND!  Praise God!  This is something we can truly be thankful for today.

This is breaking news and we are still learning the details.  We will let you know when we find out more information about Carhart and what will be happening at Germantown Reproductive Health Services.  Please pray that not only will Leroy Carhart stop performing abortions everyone (not just Maryland), he will not be replaced by a different abortionist, and that GRHS will shut down for good.  And as always, pray that Carhart and the staff of GRHS will find the forgiveness that can only come through Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

For additional information, see the Operation Rescue press release

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!  This is fantastic news after we just completed our 12th 40 Days for Life campaign in Germantown.