Leroy Carhart started his late-term abortion practice in Germantown, MD 4 years ago.  Since then, the churches have gathered together like never before to unite and stand up against the evil of abortion.  Together we have joined to stand up for the lives of the unborn and be the voice for those that do not have one.  We have joined together to help the women and families faced with a difficult or inconvenient pregnancy.  God has blessed our efforts by saving the lives of over 215 children from abortion!  These are the saves we know of, I’m sure there are many more.  Praise God!
Will you join us as we gather in Germantown to mark the 4 year “anniversary” of Leroy Carhart coming to Maryland?  We will gather Saturday (January 24, 2015) at 9:00am.  You will hear great stories of the amazing things God has done in Germantown.  We will be joined by over 300 youth from Nebraska (where Carhart has his other abortion clinic).
The rally will be on the grassy area on Wisteria in front of the development where Leroy Carhar’ts abortion facility (Germantown Reproductive Health Services) is located.  We will gather on the corner of Wisteria and Executive Park Circle.  For more information on where the rally will be held and parking, visit http://prayforgermantown.com/directions–parking.html.