Tragically, this month Leroy Carhart sent another patient to the hospital in an ambulance.  This is Carhart’s 8th patient that has been rushed to the hospital in the past 2 years (that we know of)!  Please pray for this patient and her family as she faces this medical emergency and difficult situation.  Pray for her physical and emotional recovery.

How long will the Maryland Board of Physicians allow this to continue?  How many more women need to be rushed to the hospital before they take action?  How many more women need to die before they wake up and put a stop to this?  Unfortunately we know Carhart will continue to send women to the hospital and more women will die at his hands until the Maryland Board of Physicans puts a stop to his reckless and dangerous abortion procedures.

Please politely contact the Maryland Board of Physicians to voice your concern over the dangerous procedures Carhart is performing in Germantown.

Contact: Maryland Board of Physicians
Voice: (800) 492-6836 or (410) 764-4777

For more information on this story and past patients injured by Carhart visit Operation Rescue.