Germantown, MD, July 25, 2012: In February, a mother who was scheduled for an abortion by Leroy Carhart was assisted by Germantown Pregnancy Choices (an MDCFL office) and instead chose to keep her baby. On Monday, July 23, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. A GPC volunteer was with her during the birth, and the Pro-Life community is coming together to provide on-going support to mom and her young children.

Another mother who was referred by GPC to a local Pregnancy Center recently called volunteers “…to thank us and let us know that she just gave birth to a baby boy!”

Also on Monday July 23rd, a woman who was 26 weeks pregnant visited GPC, where she described her pre-abortion “counseling” session inside Carhart’s office. When online pharmacy asked if she would be relieved after the abortion, she replied that she “would not be and that nobody would be relieved after killing their baby”. She was then told that Carhart could not do her abortion! The young woman made an appointment with a Pregnancy Center in her hometown to receive the on-going support that she needs in this very difficult time, support that Leroy Carhart does not provide.

In contrast to the support of local pro-Lifers, it was learned that two of Carhart’s recent patients were made to walk 1.5 miles from their hotel to his office, and then back again – for multiple days. This after it was revealed that Carhart has been illegally dumping medical bio-hazardous waste, patient records, and drugs in the business park dumpster since at least August of 2011.

Pro-abortion advocates frequently claim that they care about the women and children, but suggest that pro-lifers don’t care once the children are born. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” said Michael Martelli, Executive Director of Maryland Coalition for Life. “Not only do we refer women to Pregnancy Centers where they can get free counseling, sonograms, and medical services, but pro-lifers stand with women after the birth of their child. Every day we see examples of the community coming together to help with diapers, gift certificates, rent, and what may be the most critically needed resources – Time and Compassion.”

* The Maryland Coalition for Life is a community-based, grassroots, pro-life network dedicated to bringing the many Maryland pro-life organizations, churches, elected officials, and citizens together peacefully and prayerfully to end abortion in Maryland – forever.

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