2 weeks ago, 2 lives were spared from abortion at the hands of Leroy Carhart. That makes a total of 90 lives (that we know of) that have been spared from death. Thanks in large part to the Prayer and Action of the community and prayer warriors that are at Germantown Reproductive Health Services week in and week out. Thanks for all you do!

Here is a recap of the last 12 saves in Germantown!

January 16 – 1 Save

A woman came and left before Carhart even arrived!

Also this week…One of the mothers who chose life has moved to the area.  The last week of January her son, C, (whom she chose life for) turned ONE YEAR OLD! 

January 29 – 1 Save
A couple went into Carhart’s office for about 30 minutes then came outside on his sidewalk.  She was crouching and looked ill while he stood by her.  The SWC were able to talk with them as they were outside.  At one point the man was going to interrupt the SWC, but the woman stopped him.  They came back out later saying they were going to lunch, when they returned he was seen going into the office alone.  She would have been having a two day procedure, but they did not return on Wednesday!


February 13 – Another baby born!
On Sunday, December 2, 2012, a 15 year old girl who was 29 weeks pregnant decided not to abort.  Today, 2-13-13, she gave birth to a boy. What an amazing reminder why SWC stand outside to engage families, why people donate to GPC and why people pray.  Our God is able to lift our spirits through new life!


February 26 – 2 Saves
A couple came and talked with SWCs, went in and out, then talked with 2 other SWCs.  As they were leaving they indicated they were not going to abort.

A man brought his friend for an abortion.  The friend had lots of conversations with SWC as he sat in his car and as he came and went from the office.   They both left at one point and we think she changed her mind.


February 25 – 3 Saves
A woman came to Carhart’s for a 21 week abortion.   The woman went inside while her sister stayed out and talked with the SWC.  They were not in his office long enough for the procedure and they did not return the rest of the week.  No abortion.

A couple went into Carhart’s office and left.  viagra cheap They were not in long enough for an abortion.

A woman arrived alone.  She leaves the clinic a short time later and says she did not abort!


February 26 – 2 Saves
A couple arrives.  While she is inside the friend sits in the car and talks with the SWC and reads materials he was given.  He goes in and out a few times then they both leave. They did not abort and did not return.

A couple came for an 11 week abortion.  They stop and talk with the SWC as they go in and out of the clinic.  As they are leaving the last time they said they did not abort.


March 6 – 1 Save
On Tuesday a woman came into GPC by mistake.  She was given information about abortion and Carhart.  She did go over to his office but only stayed 3 minutes, got in her car and left.  Pray that she will follow up at a pregnancy center.


March 13 – 2 Saves
On Sunday a family (3 women, 1 man and a small child) came to the clinic, they were in before Carhart came and left the office 5 minutes after he arrived. They did not return during the week-No abortion!

On Monday, a couple came to the clinic and talked with SWC before going in. They came out to their car and hung outside for an additional 45 minutes (she was standing by the car and walking around the parking lot). Then they left and did not return-no abortion!


March 18 – Has Another Worker Left?
One of Carhart’s workers has not been to Germantown in 4 weeks.  Pray that this woman found new employment outside of the abortion industry.

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