As we pause today to remember the death of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, let us also pause to remember why He died…so that He could Rise Again from the grave, conquer death, and offer the Gift of Eternal Life!!

Let us also praise God for the gift of 2 lives saved this week in Germantown!

Sunday, March 24 – 1 SAVE
An older man and young woman (visibly pregnant) from out of state arrived.  They stayed in Carhart’s office for an hour, and then left before Carhart arrived.  They did not return the rest of the week!

Monday, March 25 – 1 SAVE
Two woman arrived and talked with SWC.  They left after having a sonogram, finding out the baby is 17 weeks old.  She said that she was still deciding what to do…but she did not return this week!

Pray that Carhart does not come in on Easter this year (he was here last Easter).  If he does go to church, pray the message regarding forgiveness and new life will cause him and his wife to stop abortions.  Pray that his workers will be moved by Christ’s sacrifice to save them, that they will stop working in the abortion industry.

We pray the Easter celebration will encourage you and remind you that in God’s time and way the abortion battle will be won!

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