Just think…in about 5 years from the end of this month, there will be more than 3 FULL Classrooms of children entering Kindergarten who would not have even seen their 1st Birthday without the help and prayers of the dedicated Pro-Lifers in Germantown – and the prayers and support from people around the state and country!

“D” – an 18 year old high school student who is 8 ½ weeks pregnant came to Carhart’s office.  She was given information by the buy viagra without prescription SWC which she read while standing next to his door.  She did not go in, instead she talked with the SWC and was brought to GPC.  She was able to talk with someone at RPC then talked with SGPC (which is closer for her) and made an appointment!   Please pray that her mom and the boyfriend will listen to her desire to have this baby and not push for an abortion.  Pray that “D” will remain resolved to not abort and seek the help she needs from SGPC.

The story doesn’t end when the abortion is over…

“S” – who was 4 months pregnant in March,  aborted at that time. She arrived at Carhart’s last week for birth control, but she spent a long time talking with a SWC.  She stated she “cried every day from March to May and regrets having the abortion”.  The SWC gave her post abortion information and talked with her about how women have been forgiven through Christ.  She is Hindu, but she has expressed an interest in attending a Christ centered,  post-abortion bible study.  Pray that she will desire to learn about true healing and through the bible study become a follower of Christ!

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