What a great way to end the Spring 40 Days for Life campaign! There was another save Sunday night on the last day of our campaign.

That makes 38 lives confirmed saved since Carhart came to town in Dec 2010!

Usually the women that show up on Sunday night are there for the 4 day late term abortion procedure. This woman talked to the sidewalk counselors and she decided to choose life for her baby. As they were praying with the sidewalk counselors in front of Germantown Reproductive Health Services, Carhart showed up. He didn’t even have time to walk into the clinic before one of his nurses waved him away. Praise God for another life saved!

Praises during our Spring campaign:
-Over 500 people from 20 churches prayed for a total of 700 hours on Wisteria
-6 women (that we know of) decided not to go through with their abortion
-Carhart was not here for 2 of the 6 weeks of canadian pharmacy scam our campaign

Please keep up your prayers, and trust that God will do something amazing in the coming weeks/months, as the faithful in Maryland continue to seek his will and work towards the day when Carhart flies out of MD for the LAST TIME!! And when abortion ends FOREVER in Maryland!

Hhere are some great ways to stay involved:

Volunteer or support the following great organizations:

For those who were not able to join us for our closing rally, check here for videos of the great speakers from last night: http://vimeo.com/mdcfl

Thank you to everyone for all of your time, sacrifice, and hours praying for an end to abortion.

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