Carhart did return to work Monday morning (he was not in Germantown last week), but God was good to us and gave us a surprising save.

A young woman, the baby’s father, and his mother came in for a late-term abortion.  A Sidewalk Counselor spoke with them before they entered Carhart’s, but they went inside following the conversation.

After 2 1/2 hours they came out and told the SWC they did NOT have the procedure done.  Once again we need to remember and be encouraged that we don’t know all the babies that God has saved through our prayer and presence in Germantown!


Additionally, please pray for N. (8 wk pregnant), that her cheap viagra professional family, friends  and the baby’s father would be fine with her keeping the baby.   She had an appointment Tuesday, but she did not go through with it.  She said she does have an appointment scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Trust God that there is a reason why she missed her appointment today, that she was in and out of his office and that she was able to talk with folks in Germantown Pregnancy Choices before she left on Tuesday.  God is trying to get her attention.  Please pray that she will listen to what she already knows- that there is a little person growing inside that wants a chance for life!

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