40 Days for Life

It's Day 29 of the Fall 40 Days for Life campaign, and we are quickly approaching 400 lives spared from abortion! Don't forget, us discount viagra overnight delivery these are just the ones that we know of – imagine the REAL number of lives impacted from your faithfulness and unrelenting prayers!!!

Today we have 2 very encouraging updates to provide – something that HAS happened recently in Germantown, and something that IS happening right now in Annapolis.

What HAS Happened in Germantown:

If you remember, Leroy Carhart was NOT in Germantown last week, and the clinic was not even open – NO babies died and NO women were injured or demoralized last week! That is great news in itself.

Carhart took last week off (he wasn't even doing abortions in Nebraska), but you didn't. And when Carhart returned on Monday, God saw fit to extend His Mercy once again in Germantown. It has been confirmed that one of Carhart's clients went in Monday morning for an abortion and decided NOT to go through with it! Germantown Pregnancy Choices

She went to Germantown Pregnancy Choices (directly across the parking lot from Germantown Reproductive Health Services) and was given information and help. Please continue to pray for her and her baby! This is at least the 15th life saved as a result of prayer and perseverance in Germantown.

What IS Happening in Annapolis:

We've been waiting patiently for a couple of weeks now to report something HUGE in Annapolis. You may have heard that there were plans to open the Annapolis Pregnancy Clinic, right across the street from the only abortion facility left in Anne Arundel County – the Annapolis Planned Parenthood on West Street.

Well, It's No Longer Just a Plan!!!

Annapolis Pregnancy ClinicIt's official! The deposit has been made and the final lease will be signed this week! The “For Rent” sign has already been taken down, and you can share in that joyous moment by clicking on the small image on the left to view the full size image of the landlord and Pamela Palumbo (CEO of the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry) actually pulling the “For Rent” sign out of the ground last Friday!

There will be much more information available in the coming weeks. There will be many projects and opportunities for everyone to help get the Clinic up and running – Serving Women and Saving Lives – ASAP!

This is a LARGE undertaking, and not part of their existing, standard operating budget.  We praise God for the seed money from the banquet a few weeks ago, which made it possible to sign the lease, but we still need everyone's help. We need to work as a team to get the people and churches in Annapolis on-board and fully behind this Clinic, to ensure this becomes a permanent haven for women in crisis and a battleground where lives are saved!

Check out www.PregnancyClinicMinistry.org for more info about the new Pregnancy Clinic, and to find out how you can help – we need your Time, Talent, and Treasure!!

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Thank you and God Bless,

Michael F Martelli

Executive Director of Maryland Coalition for Life

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“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!” — Deuteronomy 30:19