Callin All Church Leaders

CALLING ALL CHURCH LEADERS in Anne Arundel County!!!

It’s Time to End Abortion!

If you are a church leader in Anne Arundel County (priest, pastor, bishop, elder, deacon, etc), PLEASE join us next Wednesday at 12noon in Annapolis at the Abortion Free Anne Arundel LEADERS’ LUNCHEON.

Abortion Free Anne Arundel Leaders' Luncheon

It is time to shut down the VERY LAST abortion facility in fast dilivery viagra to canada Anne Arundel County! IF (and WHEN) the Body of Christ comes together in PRAYER and in ACTION…abortion will END in our County, and start a ripple throughout the rest of the entire State and even the Country!

We are inviting a representative from the leadership of EVERY Bible-believing, Life-loving Christian Church in the County! Along with a representative from the existing (or yet to be established) Pro-Life Church Group, Leaders will learn how little is needed to mobilize the Church in an historical way, and stop abortions in Anne Arundel County.

Lunch will be provided, along with presentations by 2 Church Leaders who arealready leading the charge in Maryland, and a young woman who has first-hand experience with the devastation that abortion causes to the mothers – to the women sitting in the pews and the seats of YOUR CHURCH!

Register NowIf you are a Church Leader, Please join us – and Please REGISTER now at If you are not a Church Leader, please contact your leaders NOW and ask them WHO will be attending with You from your church! And then go to to Register Now!

In this, the 40th year of legalized child killing in America, let’s “clean up” our own backyard, and end abortion in Anne Arundel County…


And don’t forget to join us EVERY TUESDAY, as we steadily grow the presence in front of Planned Parenthood. So Please Join Us for 1 hour, this coming Tuesday, from 8 – 9am at 929 West Street in Annapolis.

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