Jill Stanek breaks story showing that LeRoy Carhart instructed patients to NOT GO to the hospital when they experience abortion complications.

BREAKING: Carhart instructed patients not to go to ER, falsified safety of late-term abortions

wrote earlier this week that the Environmental Crimes Unit of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office has opened a criminal investigation against Germantown Reproductive Health Services in the wake of a complaint lodged byGermantown Pregnancy Choicesof it illegally dumping biohazardous and medical waste.

Although the complaint was filed in November 2012, it appears obvious the Maryland AG’s buy buy viagra without prescription February 11 announcement of its criminal investigation came in response to the February 7 death of Jennifer Morbelli, a 29-yr-old patient of GRHS’s sole late-term abortionist, LeRoy Carhart.

There were other documents retrieved by pro-lifers from Carhart’s trash aside from those of which I posted photos.

imagesAlso collected between August 2011 and May 2012 were Carhart’s (pictured right) instructions to patients. There were three sheets found, all on the same color blue paper, two of three stating they were revised in October 2010. Since the previous revision was made 16 years earlier, it is reasonable to expect Morbelli was given these same instructions.

Of greatest interest, particularly in the wake of Morbelli’s tragic death, which came after the abortion of her 33-wk-old baby Madison Leigh, were Carhart’s instructions not to go to the ER in the event of an emergency, but instead to “call and we will meet you at the clinic,” which is clearly dangerous medical advice.

Furthermore, who is “we”? Carhart left the state the afternoon Morbelli’s abortion was completed.

In addition, if it is true, as was maintained by an informant close to the situation, that Morbelli’s family tried several times to unsuccessfully contact Carhart before going to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital’s ER, then this document is at the very least misleading, stating, “One of our staff is on-call 24 hours a day.” Again, that staff does not necessarily include the doctor himself. Click to enlarge…


In this case, Carhart’s self-serving motive at the expense of patient safety is to contain publicity about negative reactions to abortions.

Also, because Carhart has no hospital privileges – anywhere – his impotence as a primary care physician is that much more glaring when he is barred from an ER to provide contiguous care to a patient.

Did Jennifer Morbelli’s family delay getting her emergency medical treatment based on Carhart’s instructions? I hope they saved all their paperwork.

In addition was the following information on another Carhart document, particularly poignant in the wake of Morbelli’s death:

Death: Abortion is one of the safest operations in all medicine. The risk of a woman dying from full-term pregnancy & childbirth is over 10 times greater than that from an advanced gestation abortion.

Read bottom paragraph. Click to enlarge:


Professor Michael New succinctly explained in a September 2012 NRO piece how “the data to back up this claim are, to put it charitably, misleading.” In fact, New explained just the opposite is actually the case, that there is “very strong evidence that giving birth in in fact safer than obtaining an abortion.”

At the very least Carhart was attempting to downplay the increased risk of late-term abortions, which even Planned Parenthood acknowledges.

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