Here is an update from Germantown for the last part of 2012…we can now confirm that there have been AT LEAST 77 lives saved due to Prayer and Action in Germantown. Here’s a recap…

Oct 15 – 1 save
Monday a couple from PA came to his office.  She was visibly pregnant.  They stayed in his office for 23 minutes then left before Carhart arrived.  They did not return!

Oct 22 – Abortion FREE!!

Oct 29 – Abortion FREE!!

Nov 6 – 2 saves
Two women decided not to go through with their abortions, but they continue to in your deal with pressure from their families – please continue to pray for them.

Nov 12
Two women came into GPC seeking an abortion.  They did not want to talk with anyone at SGPC, but did let us pray with them. They were given items to read and encouraged to contact us, SGPC or any of the numbers on the handouts. Abigail did say “maybe God did have a reason for us to come here.”  They were encouraged to take their time and get more advice before making a final decision (she is only 3 weeks pregnant).  Pray that they will contact one of the groups to guide them towards a God honoring decision.

Nov 14th – 1 save
A couple was in and out of the office, arguing the last time before they finally left without having an abortion!

Nov 19 – Abortion FREE!!

Dec 2 – 3 saves
1. 15 year old “H” arrived with her parents and sister to have a 29 week abortion. They stood outside of his office 15 min. listening to the SWC, one of the staff came out to escort them into the office.  Five minutes later they came out and walked over to GPC.  This child said “she just didn’t want to kill the baby” and so a new life will start in the New Year! Continue to pray for this girl and her family as they deal with the better decision to give life not death.

2. A woman (visibly pregnant) went into Carhart’s office, but left after only 28 minutes in his office!

3.  “L” came into GPC looking for an abortion, but made an appointment with SGPC!

Dec 18 – 1 save
On Tuesday a woman and man came to Carhart’s for a two day abortion, but were able to have a good discussion with the SWC. They did not have the procedure due to money issues, but pray that the extra time they have will help to reconsider, and begin to recognize the child that is growing in the mother’s womb.

Dec 24 – Abortion FREE!!

Dec 31 – Abortion FREE!!

Special Prayer:
A couple went into Carhart’s office in December. The man came out and talked with the SWC.  He stated they were Christians and were advised by two doctors to abort now at 7 weeks.  Pray that ALL churches will become aware of prolife doctors so believers will get God honoring advice from their churches and doctors.  How sad for a couple that wants their child, and are believers in life, are then encouraged to end life Female viagra of their own child.

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