Update from Germantown on Tuesday, July 10th. Carhart did NOT arrive on Sunday as usual – it seems late-term abortions are still way down!

Two women and one man arrived first thing this morning.  SWC (sidewalk counselors) were able to talk with them before going in as well as with the man as he was going in and out of the office.  The man drove off.  When the women came out they again talked with the SWC and indicated they did not abort.   Let’s pray that they don’t return and if there are problems with the baby or mother’s health they will get advice from a doctor who could help them.

“A” and “Y” are a couple from DC.  The did go into Carhart’s office.  The SWC were able to talk with the man.  They left the office and said they were not going to abort.  Pray they will seek help closer to their home and remain strong in their decision.

“J” is a student who did not think she could take care of a baby.  She talked with SWC, then she went into Carhart’s.  A short time later she left and said she was not going to abort.  She had talked with SGPC yesterday and left with more information today.  Pray she will contact SGPC again and get help so she will not consider abortion again.   She was given information about the couple that wants to adopt, pray she will consider this option.

“C” is a single women who went into Carhart’s and found out she could not take RU 486.  She came out and talked with the SWC and said inside was “scary and the staff was not very nice”.  Her boyfriend wants to keep the baby.  She was also given the information about the couple that would like to adopt.   Pray that she talks more with the baby’s father and considers adoptions as an alternative.

So much to pray for today- Prayers of praise for the lives spared today and prayers of intervention for the women who decided not to abort buy generic viagra without prescription and the women who did abort.

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