Dear friends of Pro-life,

We implore you to join an urgent effort in persuading Shady Grove Hospital to file a formal complaint with the Maryland Board of Physicians in order to finally revoke late-term abortionist, LeRoy Carhart’s license. It was at their hospital that Jennifer Morbelli sought refuge when Carhart was no where to be found, as she lay dying following a botched abortion at his hands.

The hospital should know in no uncertain terms that the community expects them to expose the malpractice of which Carhart is guilty, as they witnessed first hand in dealing with Jennifer Morbelli’s emergency and ultimate death. They as a community medical facility, even though Carhart is not affiliated with their institution, have a moral responsibility to follow through on this by alerting the public to the dangers of this man’s so called medical practice.

The phone number for the comments line at Shady Grove Hospital is 240-826-6920.

Let’s bombard their line with calls so that they understand the community is not going to let this go.

Further action points can be found at

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