Your kindness and generosity have made a huge difference in the Fight for Life here in Maryland. Countless women, men, and children have been touched by the MD Coalition for Life, and their lives have been saved or improved directly because of you and your willingness to help!

Ginnie Robertson

Now it’s time to help one of our own! Ginnie Robertson has been volunteering for the MD Coalition for Life as our Communications Coordinator for almost a year now, helping out with website posts, press releases, phone contacts, etc.

However, she recently lost her “day job”. She has lost her home and is in a shelter called Shepherd’s Cove. Ginnie is in desperate need of a new computer related part-time job, working @ 10 hours per week, that could preferably be done remotely/electronically. She really needs to get a job and get some income coming in again so she can be out of the shelter by April.

If you have any work, or know of a company that could use her assistance with computer work, please let me know right away so I can get you in touch with Ginnie. Let’s pull together and see if we can help out this Pro-Life sister in her time of need.

Thank you again for your consistent willingness to help others!

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