Over 526 lives saved so far this Spring across the globe thanks to your prayers, and 40 Days for Life! Here are two other ways for you to get involved viagra 100 mg cheap and make a BIG difference and save lives here in your own backyard! Please spread the word by forwarding this email along to your friends, and post on Twitter and Facebook!

Tuesday, April 10th – Abortion Free Anne Arundel Prayer Vigil!!

  • Planned Parenthood of MarylandDid you know that there are about 500,000 people, 200,000 self-professed Christians, almost 300 churches, and ONLY ONE free-standing abortion facility left in Anne Arundel County?
  • Did you know that, after only TWO 40 Days for Life campaigns in Severna Park (with churches from all over AA County coming together to pray), the Gynecare abortion facility closed FOREVER?
  • Did you know that over the past 12 months, abortion facilities across the nation are closing at a rate of TWO per month?

On April 10th, 2 days after Easter Sunday, Christians from ALL ACROSS Anne Arundel County will come together in Annapolis to stand together in prayer for the CLOSING of this final abortion facility in AA County. We will stand in UNITY from 8am – 9am, and this will be the FIRST step in an all out SPIRITUAL assault on the GREATEST EVIL humanity has EVER SEEN. Join us at – 929 West Street, Annapolis, 21401!

Call to Action from MD Right to Life, MD Catholic Conference, and Maryland Family Alliance!!

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Issue: Maryland does not collect abortion statistics. However, 46 other states do.

There are numerous public policy reasons why the state should collect abortion statistics. Forty-six states know that data about abortion is important for maternal health, something confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Not only do abortion statistics help identify the type of women who are at risk for unplanned pregnancies, but tracking abortion complications helps identify the health risks of abortion surgery and gives indicators as to how to minimize the risks.

Did you know?

  • Last year, it’s estimated that Leroy Carhart aborted 700 viable babies in Germantown, but the true number is unknown.
  • The teen pregnancy rate in Maryland is unknown.
  • Abortion erases evidence of the crime of statutory rape.
  • The infant mortality rate likely correlates to the abortion rate.
  • The number of women injured or killed annually in abortion clinics is unknown.

Action: You are receiving this alert because your legislator[s] may sit on the Health and Government Operations committee and/or the Senate Finance committee. Please contact your legislator[s] on these committees and insist that Maryland require collection of abortion statistics (SB 427/HB 967). Click here and scroll down to contact them.

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