Do you believe in Miracles?

JesusDo you REALLY believe the words of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, in Mark 11:22-24?

Jesus answered. “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

For years, faithful Pro-Lifers from many local churches and various Pro-Life groups stood vigil and prayed outside of Gynecare, Romeo Ferrer’s abortion facility in Severna Park. Just over 21 months ago (on Sunday, September 5th, 2010), we were praying Psalm 51 right outside of Gynecare since the office was not open for business on Sunday. We felt the call of the Lord, and were left Gynecare to go and pray Psalm 51 in our car across the street from Ferrer’s house in Annapolis; we prayed for our own forgiveness, for forgiveness for all of the abortions in our state and country, and specifically for the repentance and forgiveness of Romeo Ferrer.

Gynecare ClosedDuring that prayer, we felt the Holy Spirit prompt us to pray an even more specific and BOLD prayer, we prayed that Ferrer would cease doing abortions on – Tuesday (September 7).

On Wednesday, September 8th, The Maryland Board of Physicians summarily suspended Ferrer’s medical license. Instead of contest the Board’s findings of negligence, which resulted in the death of a woman during an abortion, he permanently surrended his Medical license. Every state in the country was notified by the Board…thus ending his career as an abortionist forever! And his Gynecare facility never performed another abortion after that day – September 7th!

God WANTS us to pray to Him – He WANTS to answer prayers!

He WANTS to close abortion facilities – He WANTS to save babies!

So much effort was put forth and God saw ALL of those good works and heard the millions of prayers that were poured out in front of Gynecare, and from across the area, for decades. And God also calls us to pray BOLD prayers, and He wants us to surrender to Him so that His “will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

It makes sense, doesn’t it? If we align our will with God’s will, He will answer our prayers…

no matter how BOLD and UNBELIEVABLE!

Still Small voiceI believe in miracles, and I believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and active today, and speaks to those who seek God and listen for His “still, small voice“.

There are many exciting and unexplainable happenings in Germantown right now – all aligning and coming together as you read this, all suggesting that August is going to be a turning point in battle to rid Maryland of Leroy Carhart…too many things to call it “coincidence“. The Holy Spirit is moving in Germantown, and we ALL need to come together and cry out to God to make August the LAST month that Leroy Carhart ever performs abortions in Maryland!

Psalm 51 promises to again be an integral component of this UNITED prayer effort. So we are calling on people from all across Maryland (and even the US) to come together in prayer. We are asking that Christians EVERYWHERE join together in the reading and praying of Psalm 51 – to ask forgiveness for our own sins, for the 54 Million lives that have been taken by legal abortion across American since 1973, as well as for the repentance and forgiveness of Leroy Carhart…and an end to his reign of killing innocent babies in Maryland.

There are also some key opportunities to physically come together and pray. Every Sunday afternoon, different churches from Montgomery County are gathering on Wisteria in front of the Office Park where Carhart’s office is, and praying together from 3-5pm. The list below shows which churches are gathering on which days:Join the Vigil

July 8th – Shady Grove Presbyterian

July 15th – Poolesville Baptist

July 22nd – Derwood Bible

July 29th – Immanuel’s’ Church

Aug. 12th – Neelsville Presbyterian

Aug. 19th – Poolesville Baptist

Of course you know about the Monday morning prayer vigils – – which happen every single Monday morning from 8-10am, so we encourage you all to come out on Monday morning. And on Monday, July 30th, there will be a special prayer gathering and prayer for the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe. If you are not familiar with the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I urge you to come out and hear this truly amazing and miraculous story of repentance, forgiveness, and an end to child sacrifice from centuries ago in Mexico.

And on Sunday, cialis cheap August 26th, we will ALL gather together again in Germanton, and remember the Summer of Mercy 2.0 from last August, and also remember the hundreds of lives lost at Carhart’s hands since he arrived in December 2010. We are planning a few exciting presentations, some from folks that you haven’t heard speak before, so put this one on your calendar now!

Much more information will be coming out shortly about all of these events, as well as the State-wide 40 Days for Life Kickoff Rally on September 22nd – there will be 3 locations conveniently located across the state, and we will join together for the first hour of event LIVE via a streaming webcast!

Will you pray Psalm 51

for forgiveness, and for the end of Carhart’s Reign of Terror in Maryland?

This is no time to sit back and celebrate. It is time for us to ALL grab hold of the TANGIBLE Will of God. Please make Psalm 51 part of your normal prayer routine over the next 2 months. Keep Carhart in your prayers, and pray that he stops killing babies in Maryland this August.

God's WillPlease share this message with friends, family, anyone who can join us in this Unified prayer effort. Consider getting together to pray, especially outside of Carhart’s facility on Sundays, Mondays, or anytime! Consider asking your church leaders to offer a special mass or prayer service focused on forgiveness and the closing of Carhart’s facility THIS AUGUST!

Maybe start a Pray for Carhart Facebook group, or Tweet a passage from Psalm 51 every day –

Use Your Imagination, but Get The Word Out!!

Let’s raise a MILLION voices to the heavens and proclaim this victory – even before it happens – Let’s cry out to God for His will to be “done on Earth as it is in Heaven“!


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