So often we report on women who changed their minds and did not abort, seldom do buy overnight viagra we get the chance to tell you the final outcome!

In February, a young woman was confused, didn’t believe in abortion, but she didn’t know of a different path. But instead of going into Carhart’s abortion facility, she came into GPC, talked with volunteers, and decided not to abort!

Just this past Monday, July 16th, she was truly thankful for God’s intervention!  Her healthy 38-week baby was born, and it was wonderful to hear her say she is blessed with two sons, and will not have to regret a decision to abort.  She has a positive outlook and is excited to get a new start in an apartment through a local church.

Now is the time we need to “walk the walk”. When she goes home, she will be recovering from a C-section while taking care of a newborn and 2 ½ year old.  As we help get her started, we will be asking people if they will donate something precious – TIME.

The church is willing to help her in many ways, but she is also going to need help in the form of time, maybe a ride to the doctor, a ride to the store, some time spent playing with her older son so she can rest.  We aren’t sure of all the needs yet, however we need to be prepared.

Are we ready to serve the very women we encourage to keep their babies?  

Please let us know right away if you or someone you know could help. We will compile a list of contacts and send out information about needs as they come up.

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