I received the following email from a fellow Pro-Lifer concerned with the use of Graphic Images out in purchase viagra online front of Carhart’s late-term abortion facility in Germantown, MD. Just below that is my response…

Original Email:
My wife and I are pro-life and we obviously would like Carhart out of business but please explain to my wife and I how we should explain to our terrified 3 year old son the terrible picture of the aborted fetus you have on the side of the road while protesting?  As adults we have both obviously made the decision to be pro-life and we are raising our son in the church and pray that he will be guided in the proper direction but at the age of 3 this is not a conversation that my wife and I were ready to have with him so we were hoping you could shed some light on how to explain to him what he saw and how to calm his fears.  Also, please rethink your pictures on the side of the road while protesting.  Yes, abortion causes terrible things to happen and we as adults are aware and should be made aware of what happens especially if women choose to have an abortion but 3 years old seems a bit young for such graphic content.  I look forward to your reply, thank you.

My Response:
I completely understand and appreciate your situation…I have 2 young boys – 4 years old and a 5 1/2 years old. I personally struggle with the same difficulty in figuring out how to explain what is really going on in Germantown to my kids, while still preserving their innocence.

As with any social movement, there are groups of people with very different ideas about tactics and how things should be done…the Pro-Life movement is not different. There are groups who believe that the truth and reality of abortion needs to be front and center for people to get engaged, similar to the way that the images of the Nazi Holocaust and the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s had a profound impact on the public and helped pave the way to the ending of many atrocities. Then there are other groups who are completely opposed to using graphic images at all.

It is worth noting that at least 2 women who have changed their minds so far, actually mentioned that the graphic signs really had an impact on them and contributed to their final decision to leave without getting an abortion. I know that doesn’t really help you explain the situation to your 3 year old, but I hope this is some solace in knowing that at least 2 lives (2 very real and very alive little babies) have been saved as a direct result of this controversial tactic.

The MD Coalition for Life aims to bring the various groups, churches, organizations, and people together in our common goal of ending abortion. Anytime you bring people together with differing opinions, there are disagreements. We try to stay out of the disagreements and focus on the common objectives and tactics that people agree on. Given that, there really isn’t any way to dictate which people show up when, and whether they hold graphic signs or not.

I know this response doesn’t really help you in our situation…I just hope and pray that Carhart will be gone and abortion will end in very near future, so we no longer have to fight this battle. Thank you for expressing your concern, and I hope that the Holy Spirit will help us both navigate this very sensitive topic and use this as a teachable moment for us and for our kids.