Carhart's Deadly Week in Germantown

Here is an simple yet powerful illustration of what Leroy Carhart was able to accomplish at his late-term abortion facility in Germantown this week:

Carhart's Deadly Week

Carhart’s Deadly Week

Yes, you read that right…5 babies between 5 months and 6 1/2 months gestational age were killed by Carhart JUST THIS WEEK.
You may already know, but my wife and I are expecting baby girl this December! This week, our little girl is 24 weeks. This is a little girl who we have seen in 3D ultrasounds, who has her own distinct and unique face that we have fallen in love with, whose heart we have heard many times at the Doctor’s office, and who “reaches out” for us each night before bed – by kicking and punching from inside my wife’s belly!

Yet our culture says it’s completely OK for us to stroll on down to Germantown, pay several thousand dollars to have a man from Nebraska stick a needle in my little girl’s heart, inject her with poison and kill her, and then pull her out of my wife’s womb piece by piece a couple of days later. And our culture calls it “choice”, “reproductive rights”, and even “healthcare”…

Are you kidding me? When is the general public going to wake up?!?!

5 babies, just about the same age as my first daughter, were killed JUST THIS WEEK by Leroy Carhart.

I have 2 simple questions for you:

1. What are YOU doing to stop the killing of innocent babies?

2. Is it ENOUGH?

I encourage you to seek God…TODAY, and ask Him what you could be doing to help save the lives of HIS children. Or, ask Him what MORE you could be doing to save the lives of HIS children.


40 Days for LifeOne opportunity to do more is just around the corner. The Fall 40 Days for Life campaign starts in just 26 days. And 40 Days for Life campaigns from all across the state (and Washington DC) have joined together to hold a Statewide Kickoff Rally on Saturday, September 22nd at 10am.

There will be 2 different locations, so no matter where you live in the state, you can join with your Pro-Life brothers and sisters in person and prepare for the Fall campaign.

The 1st hour of the Rally will be a LIVE webcast from Germantown, online pharmacy viagra with David Bereit, Caitlin Jane, and a SPECIAL guest speaker you don’t want to miss – as well as personal video presentations by Christian Music Artist REGISTER NOWMatt Maher, American Values President Gary Baurer, and others.

For more information about the event, and to REGISTER NOW, please visit, and please share this info with everyone you know!

Now for some good news:

Harold AlexanderOn August 8th, the MD Board of Physicians suspended abortionst Harold Alexander’s Medical License…and on August 22nd the AFFIRMED that suspension (read more)! You can read the actual letter of affirmation from the MD Board of Physicans HERE.

Remember Harold Alexander? He is the abortionist in Forrestville, MD, who has been charged by the MD Board of Physicians with “sexual boundary” violations, botched abortions, shoddy or non-existent record keeping, evidence tampering/destruction, and the illegal prescribing of large amounts of Viagra and other drugs to himself and non-patients (read more) – AND – he has he been working with an unlicensed, out-of-state abortionist named Pendergraft and operating an illegal late-term abortion scheme based out Maryland (read more).

Over and over, abortionists show their True Colors…at least 1 more killer has been stopped – at least for now.

Join the VigilAnd just this month (August), we’ve seen 2 lives saved as a result of faithful PRAYER and ACTION at the Annapolis Planned Parenthood (which is the only abortion facility left in Anne Arundel County)! Click on the links below to read about both events, and see how this strategy of praying and being present at Abortion Centers DOES save lives!

As August comes to a close, please continue to PRAY that God closes down the Annapolis Planned Parenthood (and all abortion facilities in our state) and that He makes this month the LAST month of late-term abortions that Leroy Carhart ever conducts in Maryland!!

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A Couple of Tragic Words…

For weeks, the airwaves were inundated with messages from Planned Parenthood warning women that this is a dangerous time, their rights in peril.  Then, with two words, one man turned the national debate on life purchase viagra online issues from abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia and the threats to freedom of religion to a question that should not have to be asked:  Does rape really happen?  Worse than the distaction from national issues, is the wounding of thousands of rape victims who struggle every day after their attack with the lie that it was their fault.

It was not the politician’s desire to derail the pro-life movement and reopen old wounds for all these victims of a vicious crime.  He was caught unprepared by the question: What about abortion in the case of rape or incest?  People with the very best intentions can can cause the deepest hurts just because they did not know any better.

To love someone is to desire what’s best for that person and to take EFFECTIVE STEPS to secure it.- Pope Benedict

On September 8th, 2012 from 1:00–4:00 PM  Msgr.Phillip Reilly, founder of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, will be coming from New York to conduct a sidewalk counseling/prayerful presence seminar in the Breen Room at St. Mary of the Mills Catholic Church, 114 St. Mary’s Place, Laurel, Md. 20707. Msgr. Reilly founded the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, Inc., to focus on prayer efforts and sidewalk counseling outside of abortion clinics. For over twenty years, five days a week, he has counseled and prayed on the streets outside abortion clinics. He continues to serve as executive director of the Helpers and travels internationally to train others how to hold peaceful, loving prayer vigils and to offer assistance to those in crisis both before and after abortion.

Another Save in Annapolis During AFAA Vigil

During the weekly Abortion Free Anne Arundel prayer vigil in front of the Annapolis Planned Parenthood, a couple took the time to talk with 2 of our veteran prayer warriors.

After much prayer, crying, and comforting, the couple decided NOT to go into Planned Parenthood to have their abortion!

Praise God! Another child saved by cialis cheap Prayer and Action in Annapolis!

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Looking for Women Interested in FREE 3D/4D Sonograms

The Pregnancy Clinic Ministry is offering the last of their free 3D/4D Ultrasounds! They need women, 6-14 weeks pregnant to be models at the viagra 100mg upcoming Ultrasound training, Aug 22, 27, 28,29 & 30 in the Annapolis & Severna Park offices.

Free 3D/4D ultrasound with pictures to take home, for an hour of your time! Come tour the ministry & see your baby in real time. Contact Beth at (put ultrasound model in the subject line) or 410.431.5000.

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61st Life Saved in Germantown – Filling 2017 Kindergarten Classrooms

Just think…in about 5 years from the end of this month, there will be more than 3 FULL Classrooms of children entering Kindergarten who would not have even seen their 1st Birthday without the help and prayers of the dedicated Pro-Lifers in Germantown – and the prayers and support from people around the state and country!

“D” – an 18 year old high school student who is 8 ½ weeks pregnant came to Carhart’s office.  She was given information by the buy viagra without prescription SWC which she read while standing next to his door.  She did not go in, instead she talked with the SWC and was brought to GPC.  She was able to talk with someone at RPC then talked with SGPC (which is closer for her) and made an appointment!   Please pray that her mom and the boyfriend will listen to her desire to have this baby and not push for an abortion.  Pray that “D” will remain resolved to not abort and seek the help she needs from SGPC.

The story doesn’t end when the abortion is over…

“S” – who was 4 months pregnant in March,  aborted at that time. She arrived at Carhart’s last week for birth control, but she spent a long time talking with a SWC.  She stated she “cried every day from March to May and regrets having the abortion”.  The SWC gave her post abortion information and talked with her about how women have been forgiven through Christ.  She is Hindu, but she has expressed an interest in attending a Christ centered,  post-abortion bible study.  Pray that she will desire to learn about true healing and through the bible study become a follower of Christ!

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Life Saved In Annapolis By Prayer Warriors and Annapolis Pregnancy Clinic

On Tuesday, July 24th, a young woman, pregnant and heading into Planned Parenthood with an abortion appointment, was purposefully viagra sale engaged in conversation by those out front praying. She was encouraged to go to the Annapolis Pregnancy Clinic for help instead, and that’s exactly what she did!

She received compassionate care, counseling, and an ultrasound within the hour. When she left, on her exit interview she wrote that she has decided to carry because “…they were friendly, nice, and concerned…and showed me the baby. Today was LifeChangeing/Decision Changing.”

Pray for her as she faces great continued pressure to abort.

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Warning: This is an Editorial about Chick-fil Appreciation Day

Everybody knows the story:  The owner of the Chick-fil-a chain of restaurants announces that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman.  The GLBT community turns him into their favorite whipping boy, demands boycotts against the fast food place and tries to keep them from opening new venues, and every news media outlet is covering the jeopardy the Chick-fila Corporation and it’s owner are in.  In response, like thinking individuals were encouraged to show their support for the owner’s belief in traditional marriage by going to Chick-fila on Wednesday August 1, 2012.

At lunch time, the Chick-fila on US Rt 1 and Contee Rd in Laurel MD is beyond packed.  The drive thru is backed onto Rt 1, the cheap viagra order lines for the counter go around the store.  At dinner time, it was a little better because state troupers stepped in and directed the drive-thru traffic into the strip mall.

You saw young, old, family, single, kids, Muslims, Christians, everyone was there except, of course, for the media…

Forget “Where’s the Beef?”  Where’s the Evening News?

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