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Tragedy in Germantown

Yesterday, one of Leroy Carhart’s patients was sent to the hospital.  This is the 4th patient (that we know of) sent to the hospital in the past 13 months.  And as we know, tragically one of these patients passed away last year after the abortion of her 33 week old child.

Please pray for the woman who is currently in the hospital.  Pray for her physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  Pray that this tragedy will be used to help bring an end to the abortions performed in Germantown.

For more information on yesterdays tragedy in Germantown:


The Maryland March for Life is Monday evening, March 10th in Annapolis.  Hope to see you there.

Maryland March for Life, 40 Days for Life


Spring is a busy time in Maryland for the pro-life movement.  Two great ways to get involved and stand for life are by joining us at the Maryland March for Life (March 10) and participating in your local 40 Days for Life campaign (March 5 – April 13).


Maryland March for Life: Monday evening, March 10th in Annapolis


Check out this short video:


Ryan Bomberger, an inspiring young man who was conceived in rape and adopted by a loving family, will share his story at this year’s local MD March for Life on Monday, March 10th.  Join Ryan along with hundreds of pro-life Marylanders for a powerful, public witness in Annapolis of our commitment to building a culture of life.


Religious services (Nondenominational Worship Service & Mass) begin at 5:15pm at St. Mary’s in Annapolis, followed by a March, Rally at Lawyer’s Mall, and Chick-fil-A & fellowship.


40 Days for Life: March 5 to April 13


Join other pro-life prayer warriors in your neighborhood to pray for an end to abortion.  The locations in Maryland participating in the Spring 2014 campaign are: Baltimore (Catonsville), Baltimore (Fullerton), College Park, and Germantown.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Maryland Coalition for Life.  We want to thank everyone for their support of Maryland Coalition for Life during 2013.  We had a fantastic year and God continues to do amazing things.

During 2013:

  • Thirteen 40 Days for Life campaigns took place across the state of Maryland
  • 48 saves (that we know of) in Germantown in front of Leroy Carhart’s late-term abortion clinic
  • 4 abortion clinics in Maryland had their Surgical Abortion Licenses suspended
  • Momentum continues to build within the Maryland Pro-Life movement
  • New churches are joining us and standing up against the evil of abortion

Please take advantage of an end of the year tax deductible donation by giving to the Maryland Coalition for Life  We appreciate your support and will use the resources to help bring an end to abortion in Maryland.

3 Year Rally in Germantown

God has done amazing things in Germantown, MD over the past 3 years.  The local churches have unified like never before to take a stand against the evil of abortion and to offer help and healing to women faced with an unwanted pregnancy.  The catalyst for the Germantown pro-life movement happened 3 years ago when late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart began performing 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions in Germantown.

Since the arrival of Leroy Carhart, over 2,000 people from 30 local churches have gathered on the public sidewalk in front of Germantown Reproductive Health Services for approximately 4,500 hours to pray for an end to abortion in our community.  Over the last 3 years, 125 babies have been spared from abortion.  Praise God!

Please join us on Sunday, December 8 at 2pm in Germantown for a rally to mark 3 years since the arrival of Leroy Carhart in Maryland.  We will remember the thousands of lives lost to abortion, pray for an end to abortion, and celebrate the amazing unity and momentum within the local pro-life movement and the 125 lives that have been saved from the hands of Leroy Carhart.  The rally will be followed by a 1.2 mile prayer walk around the heart of Germantown.

For more information on the rally and a map of the walking route, gathering point, and where to park:

The Abortion Pill To Become As Easy To Get As An Aspirin

The morning after pill also known as the abortion pill might become as easy to buy as aspirin.

Right now women can only buy Plan B if they can prove they are over the age of seventeen.  Everyone else must see a doctor first. According to U.S. District Judge Edward Korman, the age limit is “arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable…” then ordered the end of the restrictions in thirty days. The Justice Department is deciding whether or not to appeal.  President Obama believes the restrictions are common sense.

“There is a real danger that Plan B may be given to young girls, under coercion or without their consent…”said Anna Higgins of the Family Research Council.  “The involvement of parents and medical professionals acts as a safeguard for these young girls. However, today’s ruling removes these common sense protections.”

Spokeswoman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Deirdre McQuade, said, “Plan B does not prevent or treat any disease, but it makes young adolescent girls more available to sexual predators.  The court’s action undermines parents’ ability to protect their daughters from such exploitation and from the adverse effects of the drug itself.”

It was the judge’s latest ruling in a lawsuit filed by the Center for Reproductive Rights and dating back to 2005 that pushed for unfettered over-the-counter access to Plan B.

The morning after pill contains a higher dose of the female hormone, progestin, than is in birth control pills. Its recommended use is within the first 24 hours of unprotected sex, but it can be used as late as seventy-two hours after the act.  Proponents argue that the Plan B pill cannot induce an about because it has no effect one implantation has occurred.  What they don’t say is that the super dose of hormones hardens the uterine wall so that the living embryo cannot implant.  The very early life is destroyed.

That Plan B prevents implantation of fertilized eggs was dismissed by Judge Korman as discredited though he failed to present evidence that the prolife position lacked merit.


2 More Saves in Germantown This Week – 92 Lives Saved

As we pause today to remember the death of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, let us also pause to remember why He died…so that He could Rise Again from the grave, conquer death, and offer the Gift of Eternal Life!!

Let us also praise God for the gift of 2 lives saved this week in Germantown!

Sunday, March 24 – 1 SAVE
An older man and young woman (visibly pregnant) from out of state arrived.  They stayed in Carhart’s office for an hour, and then left before Carhart arrived.  They did not return the rest of the week!

Monday, March 25 – 1 SAVE
Two woman arrived and talked with SWC.  They left after having a sonogram, finding out the baby is 17 weeks old.  She said that she was still deciding what to do…but she did not return this week!

Pray that Carhart does not come in on Easter this year (he was here last Easter).  If he does go to church, pray the message regarding forgiveness and new life will cause him and his wife to stop abortions.  Pray that his workers will be moved by Christ’s sacrifice to save them, that they will stop working in the abortion industry.

We pray the Easter celebration will encourage you and remind you that in God’s time and way the abortion battle will be won!

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90th Life Saved in Germantown

2 weeks ago, 2 lives were spared from abortion at the hands of Leroy Carhart. That makes a total of 90 lives (that we know of) that have been spared from death. Thanks in large part to the Prayer and Action of the community and prayer warriors that are at Germantown Reproductive Health Services week in and week out. Thanks for all you do!

Here is a recap of the last 12 saves in Germantown!

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Will You Be At the MD March for Life Tonight

MD March for LifeJoin us tonight for the 40th Maryland March for Life, starting at St Mary’s Church in downtown Annapolis. At 5:15pm, there will be a Catholic Mass celebrated by Archbishop William E. Lori inside of St Mary’s. At the same time, in the High School Cafeteria directly adjacent to the church, there will be a non-denominal prayer service led by Pastor Paul Schinder – the senior pastor of Living Hope Church (my church!), and I have the honor of leading one of the prayer segments.

The March through Annapolis to Lawyer’s Mall will begin at 6:30pm, and there will be several speakers at the rally on Lawyer’s Mall at 7pm, including Jenny Bernal from Sanctuaries for Life, Former Senator Frank ShoreTracey Tiernan from 95.1Shine FM radio host, and Pastor Lisa Yerby-Bryson from St. Abraham Baptist Church.

Right after the Rally on Lawyer’s Mall, there will be fellowship and free Chick-fil-a back at St. Mary’s!

I hope you can join us, and I hope to see you there tonight!

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Unborn Children in Late Pregnancy Feel Pain, Would Be Protected by Proposed Law

Press Release from MD House of Delegates and MD State Senate. Please contact your MD legislators NOW and urge them to vote YES for both HB1312 and SB456. Go to to determine who your elected officials are.

Contact: Delegate Neil Parrott
Phone: 410-841-3636
March 6, 2013

Unborn Children in Late Pregnancy Feel Pain, Would Be Protected by Proposed Law

ANNAPOLIS—Del. Neil Parrott and Sen. Edward Reilly joined with family advocates and religious leaders on Wednesday in calling for passage of legislation that would protect unborn children in late pregnancy from pain.
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Fetal Pain Bill Press Conference Tomorrow in Annapolis

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act—Press Conference Wednesday

WHERE:  Lawyer’s Mall in front of State House, Annapolis (If rain/snow, inside House Office Building, Room 406)

WHEN:  Wednesday, March 6, at 12:00 noon, or immediately following the Legislative Session

WHO:  Senator Edward Reilly, Delegate Neil Parrott, Maryland Right to Life representatives, leaders from broad spectrum of faith communities

WHAT:  Discuss their effort to pass protective legislation for unborn children in the latest stages of pregnancy. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (SB456/HB1312) was introduced because current medical science shows unborn children at 5 months gestation feel pain. This legislation already has been passed into law in eight other states.

Delegate Neil C. Parrott, P.E.
Maryland House of Delegates
6 Bladen Street, Room free trial of cialis 320
Annapolis, MD 21401
1-800-492-7122 x3636

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